Bamboo construction underwater study


Communal life the antibody

Despite the struggle, residents maintain their communal life, solidarity and a fighting spirit to defend their rights as citizens. These qualities can be an ‘antibody’ to the speculations of developers and enable residents to collectively the challenges of climate change.

Negotiating Archeologies of the Future

In 2018, four artists; Tita Salina, Irwan Ahmett, Hannah Ekin and Jorgen Doyle along with Rujak Centre initiated Ziarah Utara (Pilgrimage to the North) an ongoing project which conducted for 11 days along the coastline of North Jakarta started on February 14 to 24, measuring every inch of ground along the 42-kilometre stretch that is slowly sinking due to rising sea levels. They made documentations and story collecting from marginalised communities, such as traditional fishermen and villages that have since been evicted, as a way to reconcile broken relationships driven by political agendas and honour the value of culture and shared community.