-2m, Voices From Below The Sea

This 2019 exhibition, curated by the Ziarah Utara artists together with Rujak Centre For Urban Studies brought together 16 artists to respond to the spatial, social and ecological changes currently taking place along the Jakarta coast, the area’s dynamic history, and the challenges the city and its residents face into the future. The exhibition was accompanied by a 6 week long public program of public lectures and discussions of related topics. By exhibiting in Jakarta History Museum, a public insitution popular with school groups, tourists and families, we were able to address a broader audience than that who regularly attend contemporary art events. Rather than the museum and similar institution’s usual narrative of history as something that has been enacted by rulers and is firmly in the past, our exhibition brought a view of history as something that is constantly being enacted and contested by all of us, and is thus able to be  to be reconsidered, it’s course altered.

To the right are images and descriptions of the work taken from the exhibition catalogue.